How we Work

It is with pleasure that we are introducing you to Marc Emilio Enterprises Ltd, and the exceptional services that will be available to our potential members.

We are distributors of dental and surgical equipment and instruments used in the Healthcare sector. We have developed excellent relationships over time with reputable manufacturers in Europe and Asia, we can unabashedly declare that we can provide you with top quality products at very competitive prices.

You perhaps have heard this a thousand times; but; we do work differently to your existing suppliers. How?

We are offering exclusive membership to interested businesses that would like to save hundreds to thousands of pounds annually on costly instruments, equipment and consumables.

We save you both time and money especially when it comes to bulk buying. By joining our exclusive members club, we will be offering products at competitive prices.

As we are preferentially offering our members the highest quality products at competitive prices, you will be able to see an increase in profit margins over time when you utilise our services. Not only that, we pledge to guarantee excellent customer service and optimum value for money.

If you feel that any of the above would be of interest to your business, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss our exclusive offer in detail.

Kindly send us an email if you may have any questions or call on 07852522820.

How To Order:

First and foremost you are required to become a registered user. We offer two types of memberships as outlined below.

Option One/Non-Member Account: This is our standard service where you are able to order any products from us without preferential discounts. This account doesn’t require any subscription fees. To sign up just click on My Account and follow the on screen instructions on how to register.

Option Two/Membership Account: This account comes with either a six months or twelve months subscription plan. Here our members benefit from huge discounts and savings.
All you have to do is select which level of membership is suitable for you. To ensure option two is suitable for you, we ask that you register as a standard member, request a quotation for a few products (no confirm orders required). We will provide you a quotation outlining both standard non-member prices and membership account prices for your comparison.
Once you are happy with our prices, you may upgrade your account to membership account by selecting the appropriate subscription plan. Kindly see our terms and condition/customer service area for further details on membership plans.

Once you have established an account with us , simply log in browse our product list or catalogue and request a quotation for your selection.